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I haven’t been writing an update for a long time. Things have been happening fast here and there is always changes. Florian started to work 3 days after we arrived at my sister’s place. He was thrown right into working life and didn’t have time to think, while I was home with Chan and had to figure out what to do. Should I organize slide shows or work as well? I realized quickly, that I wouldn’t be able to organize a professional show with musik and what else. There is just not enough time for preparation and promotion in half a year. So I was looking for work as well, and found a 60% job in a store that sells everything around bicycles. Now, what should Chan be doing? I finally found a space for him in a forest play group, where he was going once a week for a morning. It was really hard to find a space in a daycare, but finally, right before the start of my job we found a montessori daycare who was going to have space. But when we wanted to sign a contract, the owner wasn’t happy with Chan going there for only five months anymore and suddenly she had a problem with him only going for two days per week. We had to organize our families to look after Chan for the first month I was working. Somethimes switching from Winterthur to Basel for a night.

Carnival in Basel, Switzerland




img_3444-trommler.JPG img_3453-pfeifer-2.JPG

Then we also had to move out of my sisters place. She had found a new place with her boyfriend, where we had no space anymore. Friends of ours asked around for us as well and that’s how we came to live in Rüti, close to my workplace, with Anet, Hansi, Lorenzo, eight, and Benjamin, two, who are like brothers for Chan. They were living in an old farmhouse on the outskirts of a small town. It was paradise for Chan and for us. I found a pre-kindergarden five minutes away from my workplace. The owner there is half peruvian. She is speaking spanish with Chan and he is enjoying two and a half days of learning and playing with other kids, though sometimes he doesn’t want to go and asks when we will be leaving again.

House in Rüti


Vacation with his granddad


Great grandfather




Again we had to move. The family we are still living with bought a house in the same town. A farmer came with his traktor and heywagon and all the furniture was moved with two loads. Cleaning was taking two three days and still isn’t completely finished. The new house is even bigger and closer to the train station. This gives us a bit more time in the morning.

Soon Chan will go to the mountains on holyday with his grandfather and cousin. My oldest sister will give birth to her first child in August where I will be her Doula and my second sister will have her wedding a few days before we leave.
We did give two digital slide shows and both times had around 60 people watching. With the donations we could buy much needed equipment for our further journey.



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