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The first week

Posted by on Aug 10 2006 | 01 Canada 2006, English

Now it is for real and we are on the road. Already we had to fix two flat tires on the trailer and got pretty wet in the first real rain.

Chan loves to be on the road. Whenever we stop to drink or eat a snack, he is telling us to ride on. This morning when he woke up, the first thing he said was: “I want to ride on the bike, I want to go now, to Mexico.”

These first few days brought us from Vancouver to North Vancouver, where we spent
the night together with Kelley and Eden at the Squamish Nation Powwow.
100_2009.JPG 100_2020.JPG

Chan taking some time to adjust to a new place, enjoying the safety of his trailer. A traditional powwow dancer and Chan and Eden fooling around with Florian.

The next day we took a ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo. Because we wanted to meet up with a friend at the Sooke Potholes a few days later, we rode our first two 70km days, which were quite strenous for us. The second day though was beautiful on the Lochside and Galloping Goose trails. In the late afternoon it started to rain, we were exhausted, cold and hungry. We didn’t quite make it to the potholes, but to a campground in Sooke, where we could stay in a cabin – no putting up our tent in the rain!


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…and the journey begins.

Posted by on Aug 05 2006 | 01 Canada 2006, English

Minutes ago Rebi, Flo & Chan started their journey, for real. They left my place with two well-loaded bikes en route for a powow in North Vancouver. I was asked to share their first journey photos with you.

…and the journey begins.

posted by Christine (which means there will be no Swiss-German version to this post for now). Have an amazing trip!!

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Without a home

Posted by on Aug 02 2006 | 01 Canada 2006, English

Leaving 1132 Salsbury Drive, Vancouver

Yesterday we handed the keys over to the new tenants, packed the last bags on our bikes and pedaled the first one or two kilotmeters to our friend Christine.


The evening before we moved out of the suite. Still a chaos

So we don’t have a home anymore. Our bikes, the tent, the road will be our home, for how long?

While staying with Christine and her family, we still have to organize a few last things. Our bikes are heavily packed. We might have to leave a few more things behind before the “real” journey starts on friday or saturday morning.

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