What about a home?!

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An end or a beginning

So we are back in the USA and we are cycling up north. Our journey has always been somewhat confusing but the last few steps must have been difficult to grasp for even the few people who understood our trip so far.

Only a few people, our families and our friends in Vancouver,  have known for about a month of a desicion of ours made when we travelled in New Zealand: We are on our way back to Vancouver.

Travelling as a family and that is mostly with our own muscle strengh, has been extremley rewarding but also quite energy consuming in many ways.

At the end of the world, in Argentina, we felt adventurous and strong to continue the journey on the other side of the world. We were pretty certain, that we would be able to work there for money either in New Zealand or Australia and we knew, that we needed some time in one place to give our bodies some rest. On a journey like this, money or the knowledge that you can’t earn more of it, can create stress. It turned out to be difficult to find legal work for us in New Zealand because of our age and because of being a family. It might still have worked out somehow but the transition from South America to a completely different bacterial and viral environment, little sleep during this transition while hitch hiking to Buenos Aires, and  a poor diet of pasta or rice for most of the time travelling in Patagonia with little or no diversity in vegetables and fresh fruit left our bodies worn out.

We caught cold after cold in New Zealand and needed a long time to get started. Then the weather turned and winter arrived much too early. Struggling with sore throats and running noses we travelled south on the North Island because we read about work possibilities on the northern part of the South Island and we needed to go to Wellington to apply for work permits. When the rains started we found it hard to get our travel spirit back. It was time for a break but we couldn’t find one. It didn’t help that different immigration officers had different opinions on what kind of a form we had to fill out and that we did get work offers but none of the employers were able to give us a written statement for it. After a week of trying to sort things out while living in the living room of a shared house I had enough. I suddenly knew, that I didn’t have the energy to deal with this kind of stuff anymore. I needed to be “normal” for a while.

Chan had changed too from a little kid to a boy with many interests and different needs which we could not keep up with while on the road or as guests of other people. He was sad every time he had to say good bye to a new found friend and I realized that it is time for him to explore friendships and take part in group activities with children his age. It’s time to explore wood working, glue, hammer and nails, metal, fabrics, clay, paint…

So is this the end then of our journey? We don’t know. We just realized that the end of one dream carries the birth of a new one. We could be cycling for the rest of our lifes but maybe there is a time now to try a few different things, maybe exploring a home for once turns into a whole new adventure. The world will hopefully still be around in a few years for us to explore, what we haven’t seen yet. And what about a horse treck through Mongolia?!

Where is home?

All three of us felt homesick for Canada, when we explored New Zealand. Many things, reminded us of  Vancouver and we felt a strong connection to Chan’s birth place. Now we had to make another desicion: Do we need to go back to our home country, where our families live or to a place where we feel called to? It was not an easy desicion and it is like all of our desicions of the past years, just our next step. A step in one direction but not necesarily for the rest of our lifes.

For now, things in Vancouver seem to fall into place lightly. We have a place we can move into mid October for the first six months and Flo has an offer for some work. We are looking foreward to the next chapter of our lives while enjoying the last few hundred kilometers on the road north.

Getting into hauling shape again


We stayed with our friends in Mill Valley for two weeks. Flo went sailing with Michael and Tyler and went flying into the water. Chan was making up for all the missed kids movies of the past three years, and had a lot of fun with Sam and Theo who wrestled with him and played what ever he asked them to play. I enjoyed not wearing sweaty and oily clothes for once and having woman’s conversations with Peggy and Sam about everything and more.





Then we joined the family on their ranch in Middletown, some 150km north of San Francisco for a few days before heading out for the last leg of our journey.  We had been looking for a campground which we could reach the first night on the road. It turned out to be much too far away. We first needed to get used to cycling long days again so we ended up camping in the bush. Then we entered Sacramento Valley, the heat chamber of northern California. After the second day on the road we already needed a break day to cool off from the heat.










It wasn’t interesting riding along the valley. We bought a California Road Atlas to find our way around interstate 5 and still ended up on gravel for a little bit. Finally we reached Redding and with this city the peak of heat. It was 49°C! We stayed three days on a campground with a pool, since I wasn’t feeling well. Chan loved the place not only for the pool but also for a new found friend, Eric, with whom he damed up a little creek, cruised around by bike and had lots of fun.


A few climbes lay ahead of us now towards Lassen and Shasta National Forests. We were passed by fire truck after fire truck. The road we were taking had just been reopened again after being closed for traffic because of a fire. The fire seemed to be under control now, although we could see and smell the smoke. Again we didn’t reach the days destination and asked at a restaurant, where we slept in the back yard. The owner liked Chan and gave him an old matchbox racing car.


Up in the national forest there was a klicking noise at Flo’s bike. It turned out to be a broken spoke. We saw a sign of the California Fire Department and the firemen let us fix the wheel at their station and filled our water bottles with ice; what a luxury!





Up on about 1200m now, the air was a bit cooler and the scenery much more enjoyable especially after turning towards Mt. Shasta and getting glimpses of this vulcanic peak with patches of snow against the bright blue sky.


It is not only in Latin America, where bike mechanics don’t always know, what they are doing, we discovered in Mt.Shasta, where Flo wanted to have somebody look at the hub of his back wheel, which made squeeking noises lately. We also wanted to buy a few new spare spokes. The mechanic wanted to sell us six of which only two had the right lenght and he didn’t know the difference between noname and dt swiss spokes, he just declared them to be all the same. Then he took Flo’s wheel apart, opened the bearing and misplaced one of the balls, so that it squeaked even more afterwards. After telling Flo that there was nothing wrong with his wheel, he wanted 10 bucks for his work.

Being found by people

When I stepped out of the grocery store in Mt. Shasta, Flo was chatting with somebody. The man sad:” Hi, how are you? Remember me?” I didn’t. So I asked him to take off his sunglasses. I still didn’t have a clue. I felt a bit embarrassed. Turns out that we had met mistery man in El Bolson, Argentina, and camped next to each other. He said, that we had been one of the most impressive things he and his girlfriend saw on their trip down in Argentina. Now he had just finished guiding a group up into the mountains and was on his way back to Berkley, where he lives, when he saw us and turnded around. How small is this world!








We found our rhytm on the road again,  hauling each 80 to 100kg and began to ride more km a day, than we thought we would be able to. Instead of 45 to 50km days, we ended up riding between70 to 80km. The USA are an easy country to travel trough by bicycle. People are really freindly. We never have to worry about water too much. Most roads are paved. There are gas stations with cold drinks on almost every intersection. In Klamath Falls, Oregon, we picked up a State map and the woman at the information center even had a free cycling map for Oregon with grades and distances, bike mechanics and traffic volume on it.




We were about to leave the Oregon Welcome Information Center, when a family came over for a chat. Turns out, that they are a cycling family, riding all over the country with four kids. They are from Seattle and invited us to stay with them, once we get there.

We headed up to Crater Lake Natonal Park. The weather was gorgeous, the temperatures cooled off at night, we found less travelled highways. The climb up to the campground at Crater Lake was still a good climb though and we were happy to only ride half of the day. The campground was full, but the registration lady found a spot for us when she checked back with her computer. We were cooking dinner, when a family with a little boy of two riding a like a bike, slowly passed. They started talking to us. We learned later that they had seen us riding into our loop and since they had once rode across the country themselves, they wanted to chat to us. They were very interested in our journey, especially because we’re travelling with Chan.

Deb and Tom gave us their phone numbers and invited us to stay with them in Bend. It took us three days to get there. First we had to climb the remaining 300m up to the Crater: What a beautiful lake, with a deep blue. Flo was so excited about this beautiful piece of nature, that he jogged up to a view point and then run back to Chan and me within 30 minutes. The sign said 45 minutes  for the hike up to watchmen view point.







When we arrived at Deb and Tom’s house, Chan had a fever. We could stay with them for two days. Even though Chan was a little sick, he enjoyed to be a big brother for Logan and they played together for the whole time. In those two days, Flo learned about the sunrise to summit duathlon; racing a bike for 32km, then running up a montain for 5km. Tom is doing it and so Flo registered for it as well. Deb and Tom are i the process of moving from Portland to Bend and they were heading back to Portland for the week, where they are working. They invited us to stay with them in Portland as well. We had about a weeks time to ride from Bend to Portland, over a few passes, before we have to drive back with Tom and Deb to Bend for the race.



The ride has been beautiful, especially after we climbed the first pass, and cruised down for about 40km into much familiar vegetation of the coastal rain forest which will soon be our home in Vancouver again.












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  1. Hey guys! I hope everything is going well – I know it will over time, anyway. You’ll get it all figured out eventually!

    I am now writing for Examiner.com and would like to put a series of interviews with families that are out cycle touring. Would you be willing to answer a set of questions for me? Please write to me at familyonbikes@gmail.com if you don’t mind.


    02 Sep 2009 at 3:45 pm

  2. Mamé

    Hello Little Family,

    Thanks for the update. Here in Vancouver, we are exited and looking forward to your return. I feel privileged to be among those who will here about your adventures face to face.
    To be again in the same place for a certain period of time will demand a big adjustment on your part, but as you said: it will be a new adventure with lots to discover.
    Looking forward to your visit

    02 Sep 2009 at 5:43 pm

  3. christine

    yeah yeah yeah!!!
    can’t WAIT to see you all. so soon! it will be a happy day, indeed.
    until then, warm & dry hugs to all three of you

    02 Sep 2009 at 7:56 pm

  4. Lara900

    jetzt schon seit einer Weile verfolge ich Eure Reise, obwohl ich Euch nicht kenne. Ich weiss nicht mehr wie ich den Blog gefunden hatte.
    Jedenfalls wuensch ich Euch alles alles Gute beim Wieder Sesshaft werden.
    — ich selbst habe vor naechstes Jahr nach Vancouver zu ziehen, gegen April. Ich werde dann Arbeit suchen vor Ort — nachdem das per Distanz nicht geklappt hat, spring ich ins kalte Wasser. Und dann werde ich selbst auch sehen, wie sich das anfuehlt, einen Traum zu leben — dahin zu ziehen, wo es mir gefaellt, und nicht zurueck in mein Heimatland. Und wie mein fuenfjaehriger Sohn das dann wegsteckt, mit der dritten Sprache und der dritten Kultur.

    03 Sep 2009 at 5:15 am

  5. Liberty

    Reb,Thank you for this post.

    It will be great to see you in Vancouver soon!

    Xox liberty

    03 Sep 2009 at 8:12 pm

  6. Reina, Falk, Elena & Emma

    Hallo Ihr Drei,

    alles, alles Gute in Vancouver, einen guten Start und das wir uns irgenwann mal wiedersehen! Reina & family

    04 Sep 2009 at 6:07 am

  7. tamara

    ich wünsch euch alles gute bei eurem nächsten abenteuer; sesshaftigkeit kann auch ganz schön spannend sein. ich hoffe, wir sehen uns dann doch irgendwann mal wieder im kleinen zürich. war immer fasziniert von euren reiseberichten – mir wird was fehlen ;)! herzgrüsse, tamara

    05 Sep 2009 at 12:11 pm

  8. Hoi zaeme!
    Mir wuensched Eu alles Gueti und ae Guets Ihlaebe in Vancouver!
    Herzlichae Gruaess vo
    Monique und Christian
    mit Ladina und Fabian
    us Naenikon/Uster

    08 Sep 2009 at 12:57 am

  9. Yeah, wow. Looks like you’ll have a warm welcome in Vancouver!

    Those are the first photos I’ve seen of Chan riding without the tag-a-long. He looks in charge of that bike!

    Run, Flo, Run!

    12 Sep 2009 at 9:31 am

  10. Hallo Ihr Lieben!
    Unglaublich, was alles bei Euch in letzter Zeit los war!!!!!!!! Und wir haben nur so vor uns hin gearbeitet!
    Relax and enjoy the new decision, now! It surely was the right and best one to make!!! Man sollte wichtige Dinge immer aus dem Bauch oder aus dem Herzen entscheiden! Dann bin ich Euch ja bald ganz nah!!! Schüleraustausch nach Billings, Montana, ab dem 25.9.! WIr hoffen, wir sehen uns bald mal wieder im Leben! In Marburg steht auch noch ein Gästezimmer für Euch frei! Besos und Abrazos von Jose und Ulli!

    13 Sep 2009 at 1:45 pm

  11. Peggy

    Hi Everyone! Well, it looks as though you are making a good journey north! And making good time and friends along the way. Looking forward to hearing from you when you meet your destination. Have some nice photos to share of our time here together. I just came back from a long trip myself- one month. Tyler and I drove him to school and then I spent the next several weeks traveling (about 6000 miles). On the trip back to California my cousin Mary Jo joined me and we took a Northern route which landed us at the coast of Washington in Seattle. We continued down the coast, but I wondered about you and where you might be, thinking maybe I would see you in the market in Seattle… Good journeys, we miss you and look forward to more adventures together in the future. love Peggy

    23 Sep 2009 at 9:45 am

  12. Schönenberger

    Die Berichte (und Fotos) haben mich berührt. Danke für das Teilhaben lassen an eurer Reise.
    Ich wünsche euch noch alles Gute auf eurer letzten Etappe back home.

    23 Sep 2009 at 12:11 pm

  13. Great…i did a trip with my kid as well (in the future my wife and daugther will join us). Check it in here: http://roadbook.blogspot.com/search/label/own%20trip

    Gonçalo Pais

    30 Sep 2009 at 4:07 am

  14. Alex Hanselmann

    Ich wünsche euch drei viel Glück und gute Stimmung egal wo ihr seit und wie ihr lebt. Merci für die Photos und die tollen Reiseberichte.

    Je vous souhaite tous bonne chance et bonne esprit n’importe ou vous etes.

    Alex Hanselmann

    05 Oct 2009 at 5:49 am

  15. I can’t wait to show my sons your website tomorrow morning. You wrote to me via our blog that you got from Jenny and Lars (we met them in Astoria.) Our journey is of course just beginning. We’re into our 3rd month of a year. I love your photos – we have similar of Crater Lake. Sampson 8, Markos 6 and Tarn, just now 5 are living the life of the road similar to how Chan did. We’d love to connect with you some day. We’ll be back in Calgary Sept 2010 perhaps.

    Do you have any ideas of catching a boat from Mexico to Columbia or Venezuela?

    Of mutual spirits, Tanya McFerrin

    06 Oct 2009 at 9:55 pm

  16. hi dear family

    my name is reza. i am from iran. i am a cycletourism. i hope see you. i have web site . please see my website i wait for you. by

    01 Feb 2010 at 11:23 am

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