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How time flies when you live in one place. The days are so much more structured no big surprises really and before you know it, another day has passed. Almost four months are gone since we arrived in Vancouver and started our settled life. Already we moved once, from a subleted place into our own place. It amazes me, how many things we suddenly need to be comfortable living under a roof. We would not be able to pack everything we accumulated in the past few months on our bicycles again. So we have a real bed, a dresser, a table, some bookshelves, kitchentools, plates, glasses etc.

On rainy days, which most of the days for the time we’ve been here have been, it feels good, to have a place and I shudder by the thought of putting up the tent, or riding in the downpour, wet to the bones. Occationaly though, the sun tickles our noses and then I feel quite stuck in the vast concret world making up the city around me.


gipsy queen

Well, there hasn’t been to much time to feel sad about it though, as I haven’t really felt very energetic or could have taken a cruise on my bike. In fact, I have been feeling rather sick, nauseous that is, over the past three months. Most of the time that flew by so quickly, I spent lying in bed, napping, or on the couch, reading as a distraction, drinking lots and lots of ginger tea, which is known to help ease morning sickness.

July 20th, that’s the due date of Chan’s sibling and our fourth wheel for all the journeys ahead in the future. That means no bike trip this summer, but there are many summers ahead and Chan is already practising camping again, putting up sheet tents in the living room and in his bedroom and even spent one night in one of his tents, squished between his bed and a book shelf. The next night he wanted to be back in his bed.


Chan is quite excited to get a sibling. Although every time we look at a book about how babies grow in the womb, he is surprised that our baby is still that small. It has been such a long time since we first told him  and it is still not bigger? Surely, when it comes out of the belly it must be quite big. In fact, it would be very exciting to have a playmate right away to race his matchbox cars…


As soon as we arrived in the city, Florian got busy. He could work for a friend of ours for a day and they recommended him to a customer. That’s how he picked up his first very own job, designing a garden and then actually doing all the work himself. This job is restricted to saturdays. The rest of the week he works for a landscaping buisness in North Vancouver, making money.

Then, for the past few months, since I turned into a couch potato not able to take care of any sort of chores, he spent the money he made for food requests to keep me happy. His days start at 6am and end around midnight, the evenings, after dinner, spent drawing plans and organizing deliveries (dirt, gravel etc.) for saturday.


project 1 plan

Slowly I am taking some of the houshold responsibilities back, but that doesn’t mean more free time for my man. He got his second very own job lined up and two more requests. Which means he is getting serious about his own business, even thinking of buying a pick up truck since I forbade him to use  Chan’s trailer to transport a wheelbarrow and gardening tools.


Our little travel companion is growing up too quickly. Very proudly he announces to everyone, that he is now six and knows almost everything. Presently he is on a dragon hunt with his friend Ostara, living next door. On their way to school and back they find evidence everywhere of a really mean dragon roaming in our neighbourhood. He showed me his claw marks in the dirt. There is  a fence made of the bones of people he ate so far and the two even saw his eyes gleaming at them in blue and green colours. Luckily they have magic powers to protect us.

american breakfast

losing teeth

donkey in gondola

Macalli, Ostara and Chan

happy 6th birthday

When not fighting off dragons, Chan enjoyes school. Only getting up in the mornings is a bit annoying. He is going to a french immersion program where the teacher only speaks french to the kids. He said, that the school is making him love singing and he is frequently humming french songs to himself.

getting ready for christmas concert

christmas school concert


decorating a ginger bread house

our first family christmas tree

Finally in one place for some time, he really enjoyes his playdates with other kids, so far mostly girls, in the neighourhood. If we can’t arrange to play with someone else, we go to the close park, where he cruises around on his bike on the little hills of a water park.

snow shoe hike

running with snow shoes

snow slide

Cora, me, Chan and Lukas

reading the map

Spring is awaking in Vancouver, even though the olymic winter games haven’t started yet. The cherry trees on Pender street are turning pink and every day we discover more flowers blooming in the gardens around the neigbourhood. We bought some wooden planters for our porch and already started  some seeds indoors. Chan is looking forward to his very own planter where he will plant radishes, cucumbers and peas.

new bed

working in his office

All of us are looking forward to the summer and the changes and challenges coming with the warmer season…

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  1. Wow, so much news! Time has flown, it’s been months since we heard form you :) Jurg and I were discussing what you might be up to, only last weekend. It sounds like you’ve been busy, and will be even more so with a fourth wheel! Congratulations!

    Look out for that dragon.

    04 Feb 2010 at 3:37 pm

  2. Trudy Meier

    Eben habe ich wieder bei euch hineingeschaut. Ich habe eure interessante Reise immer genau gelesen. Danke!!
    Schön habt ihr Arbeit in Vancouver gefunden. Seit ihr Beide von Winterthur? Wir wohnen in Bülach. Würde uns freuen von euch zu hören. Lieber Gruss

    16 Mar 2010 at 7:25 am

  3. Rick, Janet, Erick (Redding, California)

    Hi to all – Congratulations on the new one! We think of you often and check your website to see what you are doing. Erick still talks about Chan and the things they did here at the trailer park. He knows you are where they held the Olympics and is ready to visit!! Glad you are all doing well, good luck with the business, Chan’s adventures, and the new little blessing!
    Janet, Erick and Rick Crowley

    16 Mar 2010 at 6:36 pm

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