Goodbye Canada!

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Victoria was our last place in Canada, wrapping up our last paper wokr before leaving Lars’s place and heading to the ferry to Port Angeles, USA.

Of the first people waiting to go through US customs, we were the last one’s bording the ferry because the officer kept asking Florian questions. Questions because he didn’t have a return flight  and because we couldn’t show any proof of our safeings in Switzerland. Then the ferry horned for its departure. The officer said: “You have five minutes.” But she still kept asking more questions about Flo’s profession and then mine. Then she put the wrong date on our papers twice. Finally she let us go. On deck, the ferry slowly left the port of Victoria and we looked back at our home for the past four years.


Port Townsend was our next stop where we met up with Liberty, an old room mate from Vancouver. We camped at a beach, hanging out for one day. The next few days were longer riding days. Now we were anxious to make some distance south wards. Chan was quite patient, a good travel mate, choosing his times in the bike seat and the trailer. Altough somtimes the days were long for him and he needed much attention and playtime with one of us in teh evenings at the campsite, while the other put up the tent and cooked dinner.

So far we’ve been lucky with the weather, sometimes though I wish, the wind wasn’t quite as cold. In Shelton, WA, we stayed in a motel for the first time. That town, although county seat and the biggest in the area, didn’t have a campground. But we needed our laundry done and wanted to put some updates on teh blog. But there was no i-net place either and the library had access only for 30 minutes not allowing to upload pictures. For the first time on this journey too, we were invited for dinner by a woman, Debbie, who overheard Flo talking swiss german to Chan. She served us home made quiche and showed us her family’s home with goats, sheep chicken and geese.

We left Shelton on a nice and quiet backroad against the advice of Debbie’s family. It was one of the best roads we travelled in Washington State!

At least we reached the Pacific Ocean at the Cape Disappointment State Park in the very southern tip of Washington. We took a day off biking and enjoyed the beach. In the morning, thick fog hid the big water under a white blanket. The waves looked scary and wild. Seagulls and Pelicans were waiting for their catch in the sand. Finally the sun unwrapped the beautifull coast and Chan had a blast running at the beach with Florian and flying his kite.




Our next stretch will be the Oregon coast which is supposed to be amazing and a ciclyst’s dream.

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  1. Moensch, schoen! (bis auf customs…) Ist total toll, Euch lesend hinterherradeln zu koennen, im Geiste. Gute Weiterfahrt!

    28 Aug 2006 at 3:44 pm

  2. Nana und Susanne

    Linn und Lovis würde es Spass machen bei euch! Auch wir möchten euer Zigeunerleben gerne teilen. Schön, dass wir es durch eure Berichte mitverfolgen können!
    Good luck, Nana und Züsu, Müntschi für Chan.

    29 Aug 2006 at 12:37 pm

  3. chris

    american customs… always a pain. it was years ago, after a particularly bad experience that we vowed to never set foot in the states again. if only there was another country within cycling distance….

    have fun in “the land of the free”

    29 Aug 2006 at 1:06 pm

  4. Mamé

    Thank you for sharing your trip. It allows us to partake a bit of the adventure. Enjoy every minute.
    Hug to Chan……and to both of you also.

    04 Sep 2006 at 4:18 pm

  5. Mirko + Thea

    Es war ein lustiger Zufall mit euch in Port Townsend zu zelten! Um so schöner ist es jetzt, eure Tour nach Süden weiter zu verfolgen! Ich wünsch euch viel viel Rückenwind! Grüsse, Mirko

    25 Sep 2006 at 3:14 pm

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