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“Oregon’s coast bike route is wonderful!”, people told us. “You have nice shoulders all the way through and the route is signed out. There are plenty of campgrounds with cheap hiker/biker sites and free hot showers. And the views are breathtaking!” Well, most of it turned out to be true.


A 2 1/2 mile bridge was the entrance to the Oregon Coast. We were lucky to ride over it on a sunday (no trucks) and with very little wind. On the other side was a farmers market awaiting us. We filled up on fresh produce and bread and then headed for the close Fort Stevens State Park. For a long time already we had promised Chan sand beaches to play on. It was a beautiful warm day, but still we went for the lake beach, the ocean winds were too strong. At the hiker/biker camp we met three other bikers from Utah which we would be meeting at the next few campgrounds again. With loads of campgrounds along our route, we now wanted to take our time and have mor e playtime for Chan. After a short ride, a coffee stop and purchasing a new kite we diceded against our first plan to ride to a further campground. We still had the whole of the afternoon time. After a few hills we were ready for the State Park to appear and finally there was the sign. But how disappointing to discover, that there was absolutely no vacancy. It was already late now. There was another big hill between us and the next campground. Trying to deside if we should just pitch the tent on the steep forest slope or ride for another hour, some other bikers turned into the parking lot. Hey they have the swiss flag on their bags! Hello!

Rahel and Joerg, a swiss couple, are on the road since April this year. With a similar dream to ours, they already pedaled up to Alaska and are now exploring the Westcoast on their way to South America. Needless to say, that we had a lot to talk about. We decided to all ride over that hill, which rewarded us with a breathtaking view of the shore in the evening light, to the next campground. There the three bikers from Utah had already made their camp and one of them filled up our bottles with water to help us out a bit.
Late into the night we sat a t the table and talked, compared our equipment and drank hot tea. Chan fell asleep on Florian’s lap while playing to be a baby.
After a late breakfast we arranged to meet up at another campground in the evening. Then Rahel and Joerg took off, beeing a lot faster on the road than we are with the trailer.

We really enjoyed the few days we travelled with Rahel and Joerg, but our pace is a lot slower and so we said goodbye, needing a resting day while they went on southwards.


Although Chan is doing really well with potty training, he still goes through a lot of pants and clothes. It is amazing how quickly he can be covered with dirt from toes to the tip of his nose. So we needed our laundry done again, beach play time and internet communication.

 100_2115_small.jpg 100_2120_small.jpg

A day later we couldn’t find our little bike computer, telling us speed and milage, anywhere. So we finally left the campground without it. That evening I went through all our bags one more time and finally found it in the first aid kit! How it got there? I have no idea. But while searching I found something else I’d rather not have discovered: A crack in the bottom shell of Chan’s trailer!

Labour day weekend was coming up. No chance to find an open bike shop. So we took it slow to reach Florence, the next bigger town Monday night.

The ride was beautiful along rocky cliffs or huge sand dunes. We saw a gray whale feeding in a bay and sea lions resting on sunny rocks. The mornings were usually quite cold because of strong winds and thick fog rolling in from the ocean. By midday the sun would usually break through and warm us up.

 100_2123_small.jpg 100_2126_small.jpg

On every hiker/biker camp we stayed, we met more bikers, on the road for different journeys, leaving us behind, telling us about others that will probably soon pass us.

100_2130_small.jpg 100_2138_small.jpg
Some Americans, some from New Zealand and another couple from Switzerland. Thomas and Marianne are on the road as long as they have money and fun riding their bikes. Twice we met them on a campground and just today they continued southwrds, while we stayed in Bandon to enjoy a Cranberry Festival.

Our route through Oregon was amazing, as people promised us landscape wise. The Oregon bike route was a bit disappointing for the shoulders come and go and traffic commercial as well as recreational is quite heavy and at times pretty aggressive. Altough most cars are passing carefully we had some adrenaline boosting situations every day: logging trucks passeing very close in full speed, cars honking right next to us or cars passing from the opposite traffic lane, coming right at us while we don’t have any shoulder to give way!

Neverthless it is good to be on the road again! Our challenge right now is getting the trailer fixed, which might end up in buying a new one. If anyone knows of somebody travelling from Europe to the US (hopefully San Francisco), willing to take parts of a trailer or a new trailer for us along, please let us know. It could save us shipping cost.

Only a few days are left in Oregon, before we cross the State border into California, where we hopefully ride into a bit warmer weather…

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